FootyStar App

FootyStar is an app that has been created by Matt de Boer (Dockers #9). It provide players with info about their game so they can use it to improve. The app provides easy to use screens that allow the recording of kicks, handballs and their effectiveness as well as the lcoation on the field that they took place. At the end of the game you can see where you had the most impact on the game and view a heat map of your efforts.

FootyStar are sponsors of our club and they provided us with a brand new iPad which we are going to trial a player interchange app on for our open rules games. We can also use it for many other things as well. Thanks FootyStar! Please support them in return and check out the app.

More information about the app can be found at the developers website, and you can watch a video that was featured on Channel 7.

You can find the app on the app store.

FootyStar - player cardFootyStar - heat mapFootyStar - record statsFootyStar - player stats